Report: Upgrade Is Coming To Patriots’ Gillette Stadium

Are you ready for the big news? NFL fans are looking forward to the big upgrade to Gillette Stadium. Things will look a lot different at the stadium. The New England Patriots adjusted their roster and now they are working on the stadium. On Thursday, we saw the photos of the Patriots’ new scoreboard.

The team will have a brand new scoreboard for the 2021 NFL season. They set up the board this week right behind the south end zone.

Gillette Stadium is one of the best venues in the league. Adding a few great details seems like a really good option right now. The Patriots organization is doing a really good job in the process. The huge scoreboard will only improve the stadium’s appeal. Looks impressive, right?

The right upgrade for Gillette Stadium

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe released a photo of the Patriots’ scoreboard on Twitter. Patriots fans really like the new addition to the stadium. The tiny change will make a big difference in the upcoming season. We bet Tom Brady will like every bit of this. He and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will come to town to challenge the Patriots.

Here are the photos Volin shared:

Well, some fans are worried about the size of the scoreboard. They believe it will overshadow the championship banners behind the board. We can easily see that the scoreboard doesn’t block the banners. Pretty much everyone can see them from every point of the stadium.

The timing is just right. The Patriots will welcome TB12 back to Foxboro. Fans sitting in the upper deck are getting an excellent look at the seven-time Super Bowl champion on the scoreboard.

What do you think about this change? We know someone who really likes this. The Patriots are entering the new season with great players on the roster. Head coach Bill Belichick will sure make a few more changes heading into the new season. He has Cam Newton under center and Mac Jones is right here eyeing the job. Let’s see what happens next in New England.