Anthony Davis Has Made A $31 Million Mistake If Colin Cowherd’s LeBron James Take Is Right

Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis rarely makes a mistake but he may have made a big one this time. Is Colin Cowherd right about this?

The Phoenix Suns eliminated Davis’ Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. AD missed a lot of time due to his injuries. He returned for the playoffs but had to leave his team.

AD is making headlines now and some say LA should trade him.

Cowherd said that LeBron James would gladly get rid of AD ahead of the 2020-21 season.

What about the head coach? Frank Vogel’s position in LA is not that secure. He may not stay with the team for another season. The Fox Sports host said that LeBron may force another change. LA didn’t win a title, remember?

“Never forget that this is what happens in LeBron’s career when he doesn’t win a title. 2010, he leaves the Cavs for the Heat. In 2014 he left the Heat for the Cavs. 2016 he fired David Blatt the coach in Cleveland. 2017 he tried to get Kyrie Irving traded. 2018 he left the Cavs for the Lakers. In 2019 he blew out all the players and they traded for AD.”

Anthony Davis to fix his pricey mistake

The Lakers will try to add more players. Is LeBron fine with Davis being around? Cowherd says he might want to discard the big man.

“Big stuff is coming. It may be Dame, it may be Bradley Beal, I would not be shocked if AD got traded,” Cowherd said. “I don’t think it will happen, but the dude is not committed as much as LeBron is. Dame and Bradley Beal are in the weight room all offseason, and AD is increasingly hurt.”

AD will enter the second year of his five-year deal worth $189 million. If the Lakers find a trade partner, they will get some cool players in return. This would be enough for the team that may lose 10 players in free agency.

LeBron may play a few more seasons and AD is 28. He has a decade left if he protects his body. Is AD the veteran that LA should trade away at this point?

If LA trades Davis, he will lose a lot of money. He spent $31 million on his Bel Air mansion.

AD took a $20.1 mortgage to finish the purchase. The mansion last sold for $10 million in 2016. It has eight bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. The 20,000 square feet property has an oversized pool and a tennis court. Need more? It’s a fancy mansion. AD sold his previous mansion for $6.5 million.