Cam Newton Has Blunt Message For Media Members

Veteran quarterback Cam Newton is getting ready for the new season and he has just delivered a blunt message to the media. The 2020 NFL season is already gone and players have to work on their tactics for 2021.

Let’s be honest… 2020 was a bad season for the Patriots. They finished it with a 7-9 record. The first Tom Brady-less season went bad for the team. Newton took the lead for the team, but he struggled in the passing game. It was a bad season and Newton didn’t want to speak to the media at one point. He spoke to reporters, but was moody and frustrated. We all know why.

Coach Bill Belichick decided to trust Newton and gave him another opportunity. Newton signed a one-year deal with the Patriots. The team started training camp and fans greeted Newton with applause. He was waiting for this.

One thing stands for sure. Newton is back to being the fun-loving quarterback we watched all these years.

Cam Newton entertains the media

Newton was answering questions on Friday. He used the opportunity to crack a few jokes. We loved that!

Do you know what he did during his convo with media members? He told them they were “uglier in person.” Yes, that’s exactly what he did after the session. We all know he was referring to the differences between the 2020 and 2021 seasons. In 2020, players met with the media through video calls. There were no in-person interviews and the communication was more like a mission impossible. Things are a lot different now. NFL players and the media can interact and that’s a good thing.

The 2015 NFL MVP is having fun again and we love his version of Newton.

Newton has an incredible personality and this kept him going in his career. He had great success in the NFL and fans respect him. Players respect him. Newton is an easy person and coaches get along with him. Belichick likes this and he also respects the fact that Newton doesn’t reveal much during his sessions with the media.

This doesn’t change the fact that Newton will see a huge challenge in 2021. He has to carry the team and elevate his performance.