Cam Newton Hints at Making Major Change in His Game For 2021

Cam Newton better use the best of his size, athleticism, and quarterback instinct in 2021. He signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots. Head coach Bill Belichick decided to trust him again.

Maybe Newton has different plans for the upcoming season. Maybe he will change his approach. The powerful trio worked really well for him throughout his entire career. Well, Newton hinted at a big change and we have at least one good reason to believe that he will change his signature aspect of the game.

In his convo with David Savona of Aficionado magazine, Newton mentioned multiple topics, including his physical state at this point of his professional career.

Cam Newton is changing the approach in 2021

Newton is not your average quarterback. Maybe we’d add Daunte Caulpepper and Bobby Douglass to his group. That’s it.

The 2015 NFL MVP uses this tactic to boost his stats. In 2020, Newton used his size, power, and willingness to rush for 12 touchdowns. This was probably one of the very few bright spots on the season. The 2020 NFL season was the worst season Newton has had so far.

Newton said a few things that made us believe that he will change this power aspect of his game. Savona wrote about this in the article. Newton also said that he won’t be “a battering ram like I once was.”

Of course. People change. Players age. Newton wants to do things differently and we understand him.

“’You won’t see me being a battering ram like I once was,’ he says. But that doesn’t mean Newton plans on ramping it back entirely. You’ll still see him leaving the pocket, still see him running, looking to get back into the end zone one way or another. ‘You try to domesticate a lion and it loses its impact,’ he says. ‘It’s meant to roar.’”

Newton has 70 career rushing touchdowns and this is the most in league history. The second place is not even close. Steve Young is next on the list and he has 43.