Ex-Player Gives Critical Insight on Lakers’ Anthony Davis

This is definitely a shocking insight into Anthony Davis. The Los Angeles Lakers big man helped the team win a championship in his first season. He and LeBron James won a title inside the NBA bubble in Orlando. AD was of great help for the team. Well, Davis’ second year as a Laker didn’t end well.

AD missed a lot of time on the floor after suffering serious injuries. It was his worst season since his rookie campaign.

AD averaged 21.8 points per game. He missed a lot of time due to the injury. This was more than enough for analysts to suggest that LA should trade him for another superstar.

There are also guys who say that AD will bounce back next season.

Strong insight into Anthony Davis

Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins shared his insight on what AD has been doing since the playoffs ended. Yes, he really made a big prediction.

“I’m predicting right now that he is going to be the one to win MVP next season,” Perkins said on ESPN’s The Jump. “He sees all the slander. He’s hearing everything about Giannis. He’s very quiet at the moment. And from what I’m hearing, he’s working his tail off behind the scenes. Lakers got to do something but I would not panic if I’m a Lakers fan.”

When healthy, AD is one of the most unstoppable players in the league. He is one of the five best defensive players. His offense is elite, too. AD is a rare big man who can play the ball and do shots outside of the paint.

Fans are worried about Davis’ future in LA. He suffered many injuries in his career and his health suffered a lot. Truth is, AD wasn’t playing well when he was in pain. LA didn’t play him when he wasn’t 100% but only averaged 21.8 points in 36 games.

The big man had a short offseason coming off his championship run. He didn’t have much time to prepare. Now he has enough time to rest and get ready.