Giannis Antetokounmpo Tried to Copy LeBron James After Winning Championship but Failed Hilariously

Did Giannis Antetokoumpo just copy LeBron James? Well, it was a nice attempt, but it didn’t work.

The Milwaukee Bucks celebrated their big win over the Phoenix Suns. Giannis was impressive in Game 6 and he clinched the win for his team. The Bucks swingman did wonders on the basketball court but he is nothing like LeBron. Everyone knows it.

Giannis got his first ring and also earned the NBA Finals MPV award. So, he is an MPV, Finals MVP, and a champion just like King James.

After Milwaukee defeated Phoenix in six games, Giannis got into a nice mood. He accomplished his dream of getting a ring. He did this without leaving the Bucks and joining a super team like James Harden. We all know what happened to Harden’s Nets.

Giannis Antetokounpo tried to copy LeBron James

Giannis surprised everyone right before taking the first question from reporters. The whole thing was caught on camera. The Greek Freak was looking for a cigar. Giannis wanted to be just like LeBron while talking to the media.

So, the champion got his cigar, but he didn’t look as cool as the king did in 2020. LeBron led the Lakers to a title and he won a championship inside the NBA bubble.

King James smoked a full cigar during his press conference and he was right there, chilling with everyone. His Lakers team defeated the Miami Heat in six games. It was a big moment for the four-time NBA champion. Keep in mind that LeBron is the only player in league history to get three Finals MVPs with three different teams.

Giannis said, “I gotta do what Bron did last year, I need my cigar,” after winning his championship. What happened next? He couldn’t smoke his cigar while speaking to the press. He just put it in his mouth and took it out.

It’s more than obvious that Giannis isn’t a cigar guy. After finishing his session with the press, he told Chris Middleton, “You can have that nasty a** cigar.”

LeBron has been smoking cigars for many years, so he is used to the smoke.