Heat Guard Tyler Herro Has Strong Comments on LeBron James

Tyler Herro has been watching LeBron James play and it looks like he really respects his dominance. The four-time NBA champion is on his third NBA team. He had two stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers and one with the Miami Heat. NBA fans will always remember his success with the Heat. Wonder why?

King James made the NBA Finals every year and won two rings with the Heat. Let’s not forget that he also won two NBA MVP awards as a Heat player.

Tyler Herro respects LeBron James

LeBron is definitely one of the all-time Heat greats. If you ask Herro, he will say that LeBron is the best basketball player to ever lead the Heat.

“I have to say LeBron James,” Herro said recently when asked who the best Heat player is. “I mean, you can’t go wrong. [Wade], [James], either or, but I feel like growing up for me [James] was probably my favorite player on the Heat.”

Dwyane Wade, Alonzo Mourning, and Tim Hardaway will sure add a few comments to this convo. But they can’t deny the fact that LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. He was part of the Heat for a short time, but had a huge impact.

LeBron will soon enter his fourth season with the Lakers. He suffered a groin injury in his first season with the team but won a ring in the second one. We all know what happened last season.

The 17-time All-Star would love to retire as a Laker. Yes, LeBron will have to retire at some point.

“I truly hope that I can finish my career with the Lakers,” LeBron said on the Smartless podcast. “However many years that is, if it’s four, five, six, whatever, seven. I hope I can continue to play the game. I love being in L.A., my family loves being in L.A. Being with a historical franchise like the Lakers is something … It’s like me being in Space Jam – I never thought it would be possible. You think about Kareem, and Magic, and Wilt, and Jerry West and Elgin Baylor, Kobe, Shaq and all of them. The whole list goes on.”