James, Davis and Westbrook Made a Vow During Dinner at LeBron’s House

LeBron James and Anthony Davis welcomed Russell Westbrook to LA. The Los Angeles Lakers traded for the veteran player and he turned out to be the best addition to team. The team gave up on Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and the No.22 pick in this year’s draft.

LeBron, AD, and Westbrook can’t really brag about their 3-point shooting. How will they work together? Rob Pelinka will have to add shooters in free agency.

The powerful trio has already met to plan their next move. There are several minor obstacles, but players know how to use each and every bit of talent without sabotaging one another.

Brad Turner of the LA Times reported that the Lakers’ three superstars had their very first meeting at LeBron’s home in Los Angeles. They committed to doing the best to fit together.

“They talked about putting their egos aside and playing as one in their quest to bring the Lakers another NBA championship. Westbrook talked about how his only intention was winning and coming back home to Los Angeles to become a champion. James and Davis talked about the two of them changing positions if that was best for the team — James moving from small forward to power forward and Davis from power forward to center. Westbrook let James and Davis know he doesn’t mind playing off the ball when James initiates the offense, something he did while playing alongside James Harden with the Houston Rockets.”

LeBron James has great plans for his game with Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook

LeBron was willing to play up a position and Westbrook is fine with taking a step back and letting LeBron lead the offensive side of the ball. This will make things easier for everyone. Davis will move to center, and he is not really a fan of this position.

Weeks ago, NBA insider Marc Stein reported that LA needed a playmaker to relieve some of LeBron’s burden. He will also help to “allow LeBron and Davis to spend more time at power forward and center.”

Stein talked about this during an appearance on Chad Ford’s “NBA Big Board” show:

“The Lakers are really on the hunt to add that secondary creator. They really want a proven, dependable ballhandler, and the reason is that they know, that even though Anthony Davis doesn’t love playing the 5, and even though LeBron James does not like relinquishing the ball, the Lakers have been fantastic, they’ve been at their best the last couple seasons when Davis moves to the 5, and LeBron plays some 4. So they would like to get someone who can play the 1 and lessen LeBron’s playmaking load.”