Jayson Tatum Reveals Best Advice He Received From Kobe Bryant

Boston Celtics young star Jayson Tatum will always remember the advice he got from Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Tatum spoke to Beyond The Press host Ashley Nivel and revealed a lot of great details from his career, including the special conversation he had with the Black Mamba.

What about the best advice he got from the Lakers icon? Tatum shared some juicy details. They worked out in 2018 and the young star had enough time to bond with Kobe.

“One of the many things I took from him that always stuck with me,” Tatum said, via Beyond The Press. “He kind of just asked me one day, “How much does it mean to you?” and that kind of put things in perspective. How much does being great or being a champion, or, whatever, what are you willing to give up? What are you willing to do to sacrifice? And, I think that was kind of the motto he lived by.”

Jayson Tatum respects Kobe Bryant

Tatum idolized Kobe and everything he accomplished on the floor. He even said that meeting the Lakers legend was a “dream come true.”

Two days following Kobe’s death last year, Tatum spoke about his experience. He shared some thoughts with the media at the Boston Celtics’ morning shootaround.

“He was somebody I really looked up to, and really was like my hero, the reason I started playing basketball,” Tatum said back in 2020. “To becoming a friend and mentor, somebody who I could talk to and help me out with a bunch of things, on and off the court. It’s just been a tough couple of days.”

Tatum set a high standard for himself and his career in the league. He had the best mentor. A lot of young players will say the same.

Tatum is really successful and he has so much to offer. However, he also hopes to leave a good imprint of the game by becoming one of the best players in the league.

“Obviously, everyone wants to win. I want to be a champion,” Tatum said. “Want to be an MVP. I want to be one of the greatest to ever play — Hall of Fame — and that’s something I’m actively working on.”

The young player doesn’t want to be one of the best young players in the NBA. He tries to be one of the best players. He is a 23-year-old who aspires to be one of the best players.