Lakers ‘Evaluating a Trade’ for Dynamic Scorer

The Los Angeles Lakers may trade for a third superstar, and this player should definitely be an efficient scorer. General Manager Rob Pelinka shouldn’t get anything less than this.

Of course, NBA teams have yet to enter the offseason. But, this didn’t stop analysts from bringing out their theories. Fans make guesses and some of them have already linked the Lakers to a dynamic scorer.

This leads us all the way to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Collin Sexton is probably one of the very few bright spots on the roster. The eight overall selection in the 2018 NBA draft averaged 24.3 points per game this season. Experts have noticed an improvement in every season.

The Lakers will agree to trade for a talented scorer

Jason Lloyd from The Athletic believes that Collins can soon end up on the trade block. Sam Amico from Hoops Wire says the Lakers are one of the teams who have shown interest in the talented scorer.

“Per Hoops Wire sources, the [Miami] Heat, [New York] Knicks, [New Orleans] Pelicans, [Indiana] Pacers, [Oklahoma City] Thunder and Lakers are among the teams evaluating a trade for Sexton,” Amico wrote.

“Some of the teams in that group would be willing to take back the contract of Cavs power forward Kevin Love to help make a Sexton trade work, sources said. Others might reach out to third parties to help facilitate a deal. All apparently remain in the exploratory stage and have yet to put together anything resembling a real offer.”

Sexton is definitely an emerging talent. But, players often tend to score great numbers on a bad roster. If Sexton ends up playing with the Lakers, he will get less minutes on the floor. At least one team executive believes that Sexton will be a sixth man.

“He would make an excellent sixth man or spark plug on a winning team, or maybe a starter in the right situation,” the team executive told Amico.

Pelinka will make a few moves and he has to get players who won’t suffer serious injuries in the regular season.