LeBron James’ Biggest Hater Officially Revealed

Who is LeBron James’ biggest hater? Can you make any guesses?

Of course it’s Skip Bayless!

Bayless is probably the most controversial hater LeBron will ever get in his life. The Fox Sports analyst and commentator uses every opportunity to trash LeBron. He will do everything to relate anything to the Lakers superstar and we all know why.

Game 5 of the 2021 NBA Finals is the best proof you will ever get. The LeBron hater crossed the red line. Again!

Bayless is LeBron James’ biggest hater!

The four-time NBA champion attended the game to support Chris Paul. They are great friends and it’s more than obvious that LeBron roots for CP3. He has a really good reason to do that. Sadly, the Phoenix Suns lost the game and trail 3-2. Let’s not forget that they started the series against the Milwaukee Bucks with two consecutive wins. How did CP3 spoil that?

Giannis Antetokounmpo and his teammates were well prepared for the night and the Suns lost the game. Guess what happened next…

Bayless took to his Twitter to blast LeBron. According to him, LeBron is responsible for the loss. Yes! Bayless blames King James for Paul’s loss. Shocking, right? Well, it is not really shocking. Bayless blames LeBron for everything in this world.

One thing stands for sure. LeBron will never ever make Bayless happy. Nothing he does will change Bayless’ opinion of him. Is LeBron sad? Of course he isn’t!

Here’s a fun fact. When LeBron attended a WNBA game instead of Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals between Paul’s team and the Los Angeles Clippers, Bayless slammed him for not supporting Paul. Will he ever make a decision and stick to it?

Bayless said LeBron was “childish” for trying to “upstage” his “close friend” in one of the biggest moments in his career. LeBron showed up to support Paul, but Bayless wasn’t happy at all.

How can Bayless ignore LeBron’s success on the basketball floor? The king of basketball has won a lot of games. Bayless can’t ignore that. He can’t ignore the king of basketball.