LeBron James Rookie Card With Never-Before-Seen Inscription Sells For Massive Price Tag

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is the best basketball player of all time and fans would “kill” to get his rookie card. One thing stands for sure. LeBron is leaving his mark on the NBA. I mean, he spent 18 seasons in the league. LeBron is super busy off the court as well. He is already planning his post-basketball life. The release of Space Jam 2 says it all. LeBron is really proud of the sequel and we bet this won’t be the last movie in his portfolio. He is doing an excellent job in the production industry.

LeBron is the symbol of greatness. His popularity grows every day and people love him. Well, Skip Bayless will never admit his admiration for the greatest basketball player of all time. He knows that LeBron is great but he keeps criticizing him.

This popularity adds more millions to LeBron’s net worth. Fans are fighting to get his cards.

Get ready for the best part!

Someone bought LeBron’s 2003 SP Signature Edition Inkcredible Inkscriptions 02/50 rookie autographed card for $187,730. Goldin Auctions auctioned the piece and it was sold after 23 bids.


Fans are addicted to every rare LeBron James rookie card

Pretty much every hobbyist would love to get this card. It first perfectly in every collection. Let’s not forget that it’s an autographed rookie card of LeBron in his first season in the NBA.

There are 25 copies, meaning it’s really rare and hard to find.

LeBron inscribed “#1 Draft Pick” on the card and this makes it even more special.

It’s in an excellent condition and the BGS grade of 10 is the best proof of it. This piece is really valuable and someone got really lucky.

LeBron is well aware of his popularity and he uses it as a platform to raise general awareness and support the less fortunate.