Longtime Patriots Star Has Clear Message About Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots did an incredible job in the past 20+ years, and head coach Bill Belichick had a big role in the process. Oh wait, he didn’t have a big role. He DID IT ALL!

The Patriots head coach led the Patriots throughout the years, helping them collect great points. Players played under the best head coach in the NFL. Yes, the Patriots have a tough system and some guys had a hard time fitting in in. Most of them do recognize the fact that Belichick is the best leader on the football field.

Tom Brady was of great help, too. He was part of the Patriots for two decades. The Patriots won six Super Bowls and made three other appearances. You can’t underestimate that.

Things got out of control right after Brady’s departure. He left the Patriots to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won a championship in the first season with the team. What happened in New England? The Patriots finished the season with a 7-9 record and it was the worst record in many years. At least one Patriots player believes that the failure shouldn’t reflect on coach B.

Patriots players trust Bill Belichick

Patrick Chung is officially out of the team as he announced his retirement in May. He spent a lot of time with the Patriots and he knows a few things about their head coach. In his interview with Mike Reiss from ESPN, Chung said that Brady’s departure won’t have an impact on the situation in New England. According to him, Belichick will make sure everyone competes for their position the same way they always have.

“Bill is going to make sure that culture stays the same. That’s how Bill is,” Chung said. Regardless of who’s there, who’s not there, he’s going to make sure those players are ready to go and compete.”

Chung has a few good reasons to say this. He knows Belichick really well and trusts his leadership. Belichick brought a lot of great guys to New England. He was super busy in the offseason and we love the new roster.