NBA World Reacts To Shannon Sharpe Kobe Bryant Claim

Shannon Sharpe made the wrong comment about Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. The former NFL star and analyst attracted the attention of many people and yes, he earned himself an army of haters. The NBA community is really angry right now.

According to Sharpe, Kobe isn’t a top-five all-time player in league history. The former Lakers star doesn’t have enough MVP awards. That’s what Sharpe suggests. Pretty awkward, right…

“In the history of sports I don’t know if we have ever had a guy rank top-five with only one MVP,” Sharpe reportedly said this week.

These comments didn’t sit well with NBA fans. A lot of people told him to stick to his field. Maybe Sharpe should stop talking about basketball. Yes, some people trashed him on social media. Let’s just say he was asking for it.

Sharpe stands by his comments. The worst part? He doesn’t really care about other people’s opinion. Things look really strange right now. Sharpe will face a lot of consequences right now.

 “I base my GOATs on multiple regular season MVPs, championships with multiple finals MVP. This is how “I” judge it. This list isn’t right or wrong, it’s mine,” he said on Twitter.

Shannon Sharpe made the wrong comment about Kobe Bryant

Fans didn’t bite into Sharpe’s comments. Kobe earned his spot in the Hall of Fame and Sharpe is wrong about the whole thing. We’d agree that Kobe belongs among those named as best in the sports.

Kobe and Michael Jordan are among the best basketball players of all time. They belong to the top five all-time greats. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan, and many others are listed as top players of their era. Kobe earned his spot on this list.

NBA players looked up to Kobe and used his career as a motivation to win more games. Jayson Tatum is one of them. He remembers Kobe’s comments and relies on his greatness. The same applies to pretty much every other young player.