Report: ‘A Ton’ of Veteran Free Agents Are Ready to Sign Minimum Deals With the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t win a title last season, and Rob Pelinka will soon announce his first offseason move. Latest rumors suggest that the team is doing business with the Washington Wizards to get Russell Westbrook. The trade package includes Kyle Kuzma and Montrezl Harrell. Well, Westbrook is not the only player to show interest in LA. Several free agents would love to sign with the Lakers. They would even agree to ink a minimum deal.

The Lakers will probably get some veteran power for the next title run. The franchise didn’t have much luck against the Phoenix Suns. Maybe it’s time to add some cool veteran pieces to the roster. Who is the first player to join the storied franchise?

“The good news for the Lakers is that there is absolutely a large amount of talk from team executives around the league right now that if the Lakers are able to get a Kyle Lowry or make this home run of getting Russell Westbrook and trading Kyle Kuzma for Buddy Hield, let’s say … there’s a lot of speculation right now that seems founded that the Lakers have a ton of veteran-type players ready and interested to come sign on minimum deals and go chase this ring with LeBron [James],” Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer said on the Lakers Central Podcast.

Free agents want to sign with the Lakers and play with LeBron

If LA trades Kuzma and Trez opts out of his player option, the team will be able to get efficient role players.

Last season, the Brooklyn Nets did an incredible job on the buyout market. They got veterans like Blake Griffin. James Harden made his way to the team, too.

Carmelo Anthony is a veteran free agent and many would agree that he is a good fit for LA. The team can use him as a bench scorer with enough playoff experience to help lead them over the top next season.

The Lakers won a championship inside the bubble during the 2019-20. Now is the perfect time to add more talent and go for another ring.