Report: Carmelo Anthony Linked To Lakers After Russell Westbrook Trade

Carmelo Anthony has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers for a really long time. He entered the NBA at the same time as LeBron James and their friendship is really strong. Although both players had a different destiny in the league, they would really work together.

The Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook and this is one of the many changes they are set to make. The team added a third superstar to the roster, and Westbrook will contribute to the game. LeBron James and Anthony Davis needed a teammate like him. The powerful trio will win a lot of games in the upcoming season. This is the new Big 3 in LA.

Carmelo Anthony would work well with the Lakers

Westbrook is on the roster now, and the front office needs talented veterans who would play under the veteran minimum. According to recent sources, several NBA veterans have shown interest in the Lakers. They would sign minimum deals with the Lakers and this is more than good news for the front office. LA could use a few role players to come off the bench, and Pelinka has a few ideas in his notebook. Who is the first player that comes to your mind?

The Lakers will try to get more from their defense and 3-point shooting. They don’t have too many options on the table at the moment. Melo and Rudy Gay are definitely part of the group. Will Melo sign with the Lakers this offseason? LeBron has already tried to bring him in LA but it didn’t work. The Lakers made their own picks, and they didn’t target Melo.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report had his Q&A on the B/R app. He provided some interesting answers. As you may guess, Gay and Melo “are definitely the loudest names being rumored to the Lakers” ahead of free agency. It starts Aug. 2.

LeBron and Melo have long wanted to join forces. They had great success with Team USA and during the All-Star Weekend. We believe LeBron will try really hard to bring Melo to LA this time. The veteran would be of great help for LA. He shoot a career-best 40.9% from three on 4.7 attempts per game in 2020-21.