REPORT: Tom Brady Responsible For N’Keal Harry Trade Request

The New England Patriots may lose N’Keal Harry and at least one person discussed his trade request. Former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson made a few comments about the latest development in New England. Harry requested a trade from the team and Johnson tried to connect the dots.

The former Patriots linebacker appeared on NBC Sports Boston’s “Boston Sports Tonight” to talk about the Patriots and their attitude these days. He explained that Head coach Bill Belichick and his players act a lot different these days.

Tom Brady left the Patriots a year ago and inked a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. How is this associated with Harry’s potential departure?

“I think the Patriots, quite honestly, have lost that thing that makes them the Patriots,” Johnson said. “You take Tom Brady out of New England and the entire ecosystem has been disrupted. When have you ever seen a player take on Bill Belichick that has not accomplished anything in this league, like N’Keal Harry is taking him on so publicly?”

N’Keal Harry insults Bill Belichick with his trade request

Harry’s agent, Jamal Tooson, released a statement Tuesday suggesting that his client has already requested a trade. This was a really surprising move mostly because Harry didn’t live up to expectations in the first two seasons with the team. Belichick selected him with the 32nd overall in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Harry’s request is definitely an isolated incident. There’s no room for panic now. New England had a disappointing season in 2020 and finished it with a 7-9 record. Patriots players missed the playoffs and Belichick made a lot of changes to the roster. He is trying to get back on the right track in 2021.

Harry is forcing his way out and Belichick would gladly open the door for him. He would never keep an underachieving first-round pick who failed to meet expectations. The Patriots head coach brought a lot of great guys to New England and he has enough weapons to work it. He also has four quarterbacks with Cam Newton leading the charge for his teammates. Harry wants out? Out he is.