Skip Bayless Destroys Lakers Backcourt of ‘Westbrick and LeBrick’

Skip Bayless goes after the Los Angeles Lakers again. Well, we know that Bayless is not a fan of LeBron James. He is not a fan of the purple and gold. What’s the first reaction he had to the Russell Westbrook trade?

He doesn’t like any of it.

The Los Angeles Lakers completed a blockbuster trade to get Westbrook from the Washington Wizards. It was a big move and the Lakers really needed a third star on the roster. Is Westbrook the right player to join the Lakers?

Bayless believes that the addition of Westbrook to LA’s roster will hurt the Lakers even further. He used the opportunity to take a shot at LeBron James. Well, we saw this coming. Bayless destroyed the Lakers and blasted the storied franchise. We didn’t even think that he’d like LA’s latest move.

Skip Bayless blasts the Lakers

The sports commentator used words like “Lebrick” and “Westbrick” to slam the Lakers for their latest addition.

Bayless used pretty much every word he could think of to build his story. Hitting low, huh?

LeBron is more than excited about the new addition and he really likes Westbrook. It seems like Bayless got even more frustrated. He doesn’t like when LeBron wins games and also doesn’t like when he is satisfied with his team. LeBron feels good about his team and Bayless will never change this.

Criticizing the veteran superstar won’t be of great help for Bayless. His plans won’t work. LeBron will only use this attack to win a title in 2021-22. Oh, we have at least one good reason to believe that LeBron will use these words as a motivation.

The four-time NBA champion is fine with this attitude. He is all-in when it comes to winning games. The Lakers have a powerful trio on the roster and we all know what that means. Players would do the impossible to win their ring. Westbrook needs a ring in his resume. That’s the main reason he had to sign with the purple and gold. Let’s see what happens in the regular season.