Tom Brady Trainer Makes Bold Claim About the QB That Simply Doesn’t Add Up

Tom Brady has worked really hard and his trainer can definitely confirm this.

TB12 may say that Alex Guerrero has helped him play elite football into his 40s. How much did Guerrero’s methods affect Brady’s success? Brady will have to retire at some point in his career. Now we have Guerrero making a strange claim about Brady during a recent podcast appearance. Some things don’t really add up.

Guerrero has made some really strange claims in the past.

Seth Wickersham from ESPN reported on Guerrero’s situation with the Federal Trade Commission in 2005. The man said that dietary supplements could treat and cure cancer.

Guerrero has a strong influence on the Patriots organization. He also helped Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola recover from injuries.

“But Guerrero often would blame Patriots trainers for injuries, while offering few insightful opinions of his own, and Belichick quickly realized inviting him had been a mistake,” Wickersham wrote in his 2018 story. “And so in 2014, he eliminated Guerrero’s access to those meetings while keeping him on as a team consultant.”

Tom Brady and trainer Alex Guerrero worked well in the past

Guerrero went on The Adam Schefter Podcast to talk about many topics. He acknowledged that he wants to help TB12 play until he turns 45. Well, Guerrero made another shocking claim.

“I try to keep his body three years ahead of where we need to be,” Guerrero explained. “I’m thinking about not just next year, but what if he feels so good at 45 that he wants to play at 46? I better plan. I better think about how I need to get his body prepared for 46 or 47.”

How can the trainer make such prediction? Your health can change overnight and we all know this really well.

Brady suffered several injuries in the last few seasons. TB12 had a sprained elbow in his final years as a Patriot. He had to miss some practice time. The veteran also suffered a torn MCL that season. This injury was still there in 2020.