Video Of LeBron Watching Bronny Play On TV Going Viral

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was watching his son Bronny play and the video is now viral. We all know that the four-time NBA champion is really passionate about Bronny’s basketball career. The same goes for Bryce Maximus and his role in the basketball world.

Did you see LeBron stand up for his oldest son at one of the AAU games? He blasted the PA announcer who said Bronny was getting calls just because he is the son of King James. LeBron was raging on the basketball floor. Everyone saw him. He would never stay calm and do nothing. Someone messed with his boy, and LeBron decided to do something about it.

Now we have lovely Savannah recording her popular husband. She was able to capture the perfect “coach-in-action” moment. We got to see what LeBron is like when Bronny plays and he is unable to attend the game.

Savannah shared a few Instagram stories showing her husband watching their son play on TV. The Lakers superstar stands right in front of the screen and follows every move Bronny makes.

Videos of LeBron James watching Bronny always go viral

Coaching from the living room is always a good idea, right? LeBron did that and we enjoyed watching him. The man has incredible energy!

At the end of the video, the official made a call that King James didn’t agree with. Did you notice his NSFW response?

Fathers dot his when their big babies play. We have seen similar scenarios featuring other dads. Of course, they aren’t as popular as the king of basketball.

LeBron is more than an all-time great. He is a caring dad who supports his kid. He is a dad above all. How amazing is that? LeBron dreams of sharing the basketball court with Bronny. We have at least one great reason to believe that LeBron won’t retire before hitting the court with his son by his side.

The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Players will have to work really hard to avoid similar scenario in 2021.