Bill Belichick Reaction To Patriots-Washington Game Went Viral Last Night

The New England Patriots won the preseason opener against the Washington Football Team and players celebrated the 22-13 night. It was a good game for the Patriots and both quarterbacks excelled on the football field. Head coach Bill Belichick had total control of the game and his reaction to one of the calls was viral.

We all know that the Patriots head coach doesn’t like playing preseason games all day and night. He noticed one particular thing last night and his reaction was priceless. Something “normal” happened, and Belichick looked like the good ol’ Bill Belichick.

Near the end of the preseason opener between the Patriots and Washington, head coach Ron Rivera called a timeout. The Washington Football Team was trailing and both teams were deep into the back ends of their groups.

Bill Belichick didn’t mind the reaction and it’s viral for a reason

Belichick didn’t want to have his night delayed even further. One of the cameras caught his reaction. The man was swearing and kvetching on the sideline and then hid his eyes in the visor.

The video went viral and a lot of people laughed at Belichick’s grumpy expression.

Belichick may be grumpy, but he was the last to laugh. Patriots running back Rhamondre Stevenson gave up a touchdown with 1:26 to go and then broke a dazzling 91-yard touchdown run to secure the big win.

This timeout didn’t change much but it sure got Belichick angry.

Head coach Belichick is one of the most competitive coaches the world of sports has ever seen. He is the best coach in the world. This competitiveness has gotten him into a trouble at some point, but he is not someone who backs down.

Coaches who go against Belichick should keep this in mind when playing games.

Belichick left the 2020 postseason too early and didn’t get a chance to compete for a title. Let’s see what happens this season. His team looks really good on the field and his rookie quarterback is doing a good job. Everything is falling in the right place, and fans can’t wait for the next game.