Damian Lillard Reveals Why He Will Not Play For The Lakers

Several rumors linked Damian Lillard to the Los Angeles Lakers. Well, big Dame is not playing with the purple and gold in the upcoming season. He may not play with the Lakers never ever in his career. Wonder why? He has the response to each and every question about his potential signing with LA.

The Lakers won a title in the 2019-20 season. They look really well this season and they have a good chance to earn another title. Rob Pelinka made sure his roster looks good heading into the upcoming season. Russell Westbrook joined the team for a purpose. He wants to be a champion. Carmelo Anthony wants to be a champion too. He has been part of the NBA for two decades. Now is the perfect time to snatch a ring. LeBron James will make it happen.

The Lakers look like champions and Dame would get a chance to win a ring. Why won’t he join the squad?

Damian Lillard won’t join the Lakers for a reason

The veteran was pretty honest about the Lakers situation.

It’s related to Westbrook. Dame and Brodie play the same position and Lillard would never put himself in such an awkward position. He would never fight for a position and things would get pretty thick in LA. Westbrook is competitive and he looks just like Kobe Bryant. Lillard is one of the most competitive guys out there, too. So, why would Lillard get into a big trouble? The Lakers signed Westbrook and there was no chance for him to jump on board.

“He said ‘I would bet anybody that when the season starts, Dame’s going to be playing for the Lakers.’ And the Lakers just traded for Russell Westbrook, so I’m not going to play for the Lakers. We play the same position, so [I was] like bet a million,” Lillard told Complex’s Pierce Simpson.

In his interview with Simpson, Lillard said he won’t leave the Portland Trail Blazers at this point. He will do his best to help the team win a ring. Let’s talk about motivation!