Ex LeBron James Teammate Has Harsh Message For Lakers

LeBron James won’t like what his former teammate has to say and the veteran’s message came like a shock to Lakers fans.

The Los Angeles Lakers made a few big moves in the offseason as General Manager Rob Pelinka was trying to build a strong roster.

The new-look Lakers look pretty good on the basketball court but some people can’t really accept the “old concept”.

One thing stands for sure, the new-look Lakers team is the biggest mystery in the NBA at the moment.

Anthony Davis struggled to stay healthy last season. LeBron James missed a lot of time, too. NBA experts say the Lakers added too many veterans in the offseason. Russell Westbrook joined the Lakers through a trade. Carmelo Anthony will soon retire. How will these veterans handle the pressure on the floor? There are so many questions we’d like to ask but Frank Vogel has all the answers.

LeBron James’ teammate delivered the wrong message for the Lakers

LeBron likes his new team and he has great plans for the regular season.

Kendrick Perkins likes the new team. He even said the Lakers are the favorite to win the title this season. Channing Frye is not an optimist. He is actually worried about the age factor. Can you blame him? Of course not. The Lakers have the oldest roster in the NBA. This may come back and haunt them.

“I was listening to you. I don’t agree with you,” Frye said in response to Perkins’ prediction. “Love Bron. I love AD. Like Melo. I like Russell Westbrook. It is 2021. There’s not enough balls to go around. … In the playoffs, it’s a big ‘what-if’. This old a– team has to make it 82 games to the playoffs.”

The Lakers may be one of the best teams in the league early on in the 2021-22 NBA season. Things may take a different turn in the playoffs. Key players have to stay healthy. This is really important at this point.

LeBron and AD are still here. The mighty duo will work with Westbrook and this makes them a powerful trio.

Fans are excited about all the possibilities. Who is winning the title this time?