New England Patriots Send 30,000 Backpacks To Military Families

The New England Patriots always support the community and this time they are delivering backpacks to military families. The Kraft family won’t stop here. They will keep contributing to society. A lot of people need someone to stand by their side. Even the tiniest gift can change people’s lives. I mean, it will at least put a smile on their faces.

The organization has helped 30,000 kids of military families. These kids will go to school with all the supplies they need thanks to the Patriots organization.

If you ask head coach Bill Belichick, he will say that preparation is of key importance in the game. It helps teams win games. Belichick knows it best. Now the Patriots are helping these kids to prepare for the next school year. How cool is that? They won’t miss a thing. Their backpacks are packed with supplies. These kids will always remember the great gift from the Patriots.

Patriots send packed backpacks to kids in military families

Josh Kraft, the president of the Kraft Family Philanthropies is giving back to the community. A lot of kids can’t wait for the new school year to begin.

“With the support of our fans, 30,000 students will be well-equipped for the upcoming school year,” he said.

The founder of the Massachusetts Military Support Fund, Don Cox, said it’s really important to help the youth. Kids in military families deserve all the love in this world. The same goes to every cute kid out there. Military kids move and change schools all the time. Their parents are absent and Kraft came up with a good idea.

“Military children often face moving multiple times and changing schools or having a parent deploy. We are proud to partner with the Patriots, Revolution, Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree Stores to provide military children with the basic tools needed to participate in school. It is just one small way to show them they are supported by the community.”

Impressive! The Patriots are doing an excellent job right now. What’s next on the list? The Kraft family has a few good ideas on the table right now.