Report: LeBron James Destroys Golden State’s Offseason Plans

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have great offseason plans. Well, the Golden State Warriors have had some difficulties early in the offseason.

The Golden State is trying to get more weapons for Stephen Curry. The veteran carried the team all by himself. Of course, they missed the chance to make the postseason after losing the play-in tournament to the Lakers. Curry’s MPV-type performance fell short as the Dubs missed the NBA playoffs for the second straight season.

A lot of high-profile players have been linked to the Golden State these days. Getting these players is a difficult task. LeBron James had great success in the offseason as his team brought Russell Westbrook to LA.

LeBron James has strong offseason plans

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report reported that Westbrook’s signing changed the Warriors’ plans for the offseason. What does that mean?

“With Westbrook now headed to Los Angeles, multiple league personnel contacted by B/R expect there to be significant interest from several veterans, including DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, and Carmelo Anthony, to forgo higher salary opportunities elsewhere and join the Lakers in pursuit of a championship.”

Will the Warriors miss out on other NBA veterans at this point?

Westbrook joined LeBron and AD and LA became a top contender. Other players trying to win their first ring might join the team as well. LeBron has called up DeMar DeRozan and is friends with Anthony.

Curry will join forces with Klay Thompson in the upcoming season. They make a powerful duo but that’s not enough to beat the competition in the Western Conference. The Warriors may try to get Andre Iguodala back on the roster, and this may be a good start for the team.

LA looks fine now and they will look even better when Rob Pelinka brings a few new players. According to several sources, many NBA veterans are interested in getting the veteran minimum just to win a ring. The Lakers have a good chance to win and that makes them even more attractive as a team. Who is the first veteran to join LeBron, AD, and Westbrook? Melo?