Russell Westbrook Shares What He Used To Talk About With Kobe

Russell Westbrook had a special bond with Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. They had a lot of things in common and Kobe watched Westbrook sharpen his skills to perfection.

NBA analysts recognize Westbrook as a tough player who works really hard. This has nothing to do with the teams he has played with in the past. Westbrook is a hard-working player who wants to win games. A lot of analysts have compared him to Kobe.

Kobe spent his entire basketball career with the Los Angeles Lakers. He helped the team win five titles. Guess what… Westbrook is willing to carry on this legacy. He is ready to win games and he got the perfect advice from the Black Mamba.

Russell Westbrook picked up a good advice from Kobe Bryant

Westbrook had his first press conference as a Laker for the first time. The team introduced him as the newest member of the squad. During his presser, Westbrook recalled a nice conversation he had with Kobe. They talked about all the great things that make you a Laker.

“Things that we talked about, me and him, just the potential of me being a Laker and understanding what that entails,” Westbrook said, per Jacob Rude. “It’s just crazy to think about. That’ll be with me every time I put that Laker jersey on.”

Westbrook is tightly connected to Los Angeles. This only made his bond with the Lakers legend stronger. The veteran point guard grew up in Long Beach, California. He played at UCLA for two years. His stint with the Lakers was more than expected.

During his press conference, Westbrook mentioned another important information. He is switching back to No.0 in LA.

The Lakers added a lot of veteran power in the offseason. Westbrook will join forces with LeBron James. He will make things easier for him on the offensive end. Anthony Davis may consider changing his position. Carmelo Anthony, Trevor Ariza, and other players will get a chance to fit in Frank Vogel’s roster. LA promised a lot of great things this offseason. They are winners.