Watch: Jake Paul Invites LeBron James to Woodley Fight

Jake Paul has just invited Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James to attend his fight against Tyron Woodley. He would love to see the four-time NBA champion right there.

Paul will challenge Woodley on Aug. 29 in Cleveland. I guess the location made him think of Akron. The kid from Akron is a four-time NBA champion now. It’s gonna be a big day for Paul and he wants LeBron to be there.

This will be a special night for the city and the state. Paul would be extra motivated to win. We understand his desire to have the biggest local names by his side. LeBron’s presence will definitely motivate him.

“I think it’s just really cool that this is sort of an Ohio affair,” Paul tells us, “and, not a lot of boxing matches take place in Ohio, let alone Cleveland.”

Jake Paul wants to see LeBron James around

Paul really hopes that the former Cleveland Cavaliers star will show up to attend the game. He even gave a personal invite to LeBron.

“LeBron, pull up baby!!!” Paul said. “When I was 12, came and saw your games. I paid good money for some front row seats. I was yelling at you from the crowds. And so, I think it’s only right that you pull up and yell, “Jake! Jake! But look, LeBron, this one’s for the city man, pull up!”

Paul also invited those who had great success in the Tokyo Olympics. The group includes Zach Apple, Katie Nageotte, and many others.

“Katie taking gold, Duke Regan boxing coming up a silver. Oshae Jones with the bronze. We got swimmers Zach Apple, Hunter Armstrong both getting gold in swimming. Like, the Ohioans were crushing it. So, I was like come on down to the fight and it’s perfect timing. It’s right after the Olympics. They get to chill out, and maybe grab a beer!”

This may be the perfect party. Paul is super excited and so are we. NBA teams have enough free time so LeBron has a chance to attend the big night. Let’s see if he will honor Paul and his big day.