Anthony Davis Receives His Second Ring … Way Better Than His First

Anthony Davis has received his second ring and it is way better than his first one. The Los Angeles Lakers are set to get their season started in a bit over a month. Fans are looking forward to seeing what the team looks like after making a few changes in the off-season. The addition of Russell Westbrook is one of the biggest moves and it will be interesting to see how he fits.

But a championship ring is not the only ring that Lakers big man Anthony Davis has received. He got married over the weekend to his wife, known only as Marlen P. Not much is known about her but it is clear that the couple was on the clouds.

Take a look at what the dinner looked like as it was posted to Instagram.

Anthony Davis Receives His Second Ring … Way Better Than His First

Davis’ former teammate Tim Frazier, who played with Davis was the one who posted the photos and videos. Other than him, we don’t know who else went to the ceremony. LeBron James, Davis’ current teammate, is yet to post anything related to the wedding.

Davis talked about the off-season recently and what he had planned.

“What’s it been, about three weeks since the last game? Something like that since Game 6. I’ve been doing nothing, just rehabbing and getting the groin right, playing video games. I’ve really been doing nothing. I mean, like you said, we’re starting to open up now, so it’s not much that you really can do. But I’m still a home body anyway so I stay in the house anyway just playing video games, relaxing with the family, spending some time with my daughter. I have a son on the way so I’m waiting on that, and just trying to stay active and get ready for next season.”

Well, I guess that means getting married too as the knot is now tied. It will be interesting to see how this impacts his play on the court in the next few months. If we had to guess, he will be able to keep his mind clear.