Bill Belichick Just Revealed His True Thoughts On Cam Newton

Bill Belichick won’t be coaching Cam Newton in 2021. The New England Patriots cut the veteran last week, giving Mac Jones the main role. Jones was selected 15th overall and Belichick splashed his first pick to get him. He trusted his instincts and yes, he made a really great decision. Jones showed much better results than any other member of the class.

He still likes Newton. Simple as that.

“I have nothing but positive thoughts and feelings for Cam,” Belichick said on 93.7 WEEI-FM. “He came in here, he worked hard, and gave us everything he had. Right now, our future is going to be Mac at quarterback. So that’s where we’re going to go.”

Bill Belichick respects Cam Newton

Newton’s release came like a surprise. No one thought that Belichick would give up on the former MVP that easily. He had a decent performance in the preseason and Josh McDaniels said he had improved significantly. It wasn’t enough though.

Former Patriots star Rob Ninkovich said Jones was actually helping Newton learn the rulebook. This was a rather awkward statement because everyone was so convinced that Newton will win the quarterback battle. The veteran was actually a student.

What’s next on the list? Newton has yet to find a home in the NFL. Everyone likes him but no one is willing to give him a chance. Most teams have found their quarterback and Newton may end up being a backup. But, he is a fan favorite and his great leadership presence will make things even more difficult for the signal-caller.

The Patriots wasted no time. N’Keal Harry got Newton’s number and even bragged about his new uniform. They had great connection and fans were actually shocked by this move. Some even said he was disrespectful.

“Dallas was a spot that I think some prognosticators thought ‘Well, maybe they don’t have an established No. 2.’ OK, that would make some sense,” Rapoport said. “If it’s not going to happen there, I’m looking around the league. Unless I’m missing something, I really don’t see a landing spot.”