Bill Belichick Reacts To Patriots Win Over Jets

The New England Patriots won the game against the New York Jets and head coach Bill Belichick is really proud of his team. Yes, that’s exactly what he said in the post-game press conference.

The Patriots lost the season opener to Miami and players made a few mistakes. Everything seems to be back to normal now and Belichick likes the way things develop for his team. New England won a game and the rookie quarterback is doing a wonderful job. What else could you ask for?

“Proud of our football team today. I thought these guys came back and really worked hard all week. I thought we made some improvement from what we did last week. Still, obviously, have a way to go, a lot of things we can do better,” Belichick said following the 25-6 win. “But I thought we did a lot of things better than we did last week. We just gotta keep grinding, keep working, keep stringing these days and weeks together and keep improving our football team. Had a lot of guys step up. Got some turnover opportunities, took advantage of those.

“Wilson made some pretty impressive throws — that kid’s gonna be a good player — he is a good player. Had a couple big plays offensively. Damien’s run was obviously a big one. Was good to get the ball in the end zone there. … Overall, probably just gotta do a little better job taking care of our scoring opportunities. Nick (Folk) did a good job. (Wind) was kinda swirling out there. Not the easiest day kick. He banged through a lot of big kicks there.”

Patriots to celebrate great win over Jets players

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. Belichick wants everyone to be better. Truth is, his players can definitely be better. Damien Harris returned to his old self and shocked the Jets with his run. This run will definitely make people forget his fumble from Week 1.

Belichick didn’t say anything precisely about his rookie signal-caller. However, he believes that the Patriots offense should try harder and make “more good plays.” We couldn’t agree more.

Jones developed an excellent relationship with James White and this connection will be of great help for the team. Their trick play is just a small warning for their next opponents.