Cam Newton Could Make Totally Unexpected Move For Patriots Per Analyst

Cam Newton left the New England Patriots right after the third and last preseason game. One interception sealed his destiny and he is out for good. Or not? The Patriots decided to move on with their rookie, giving Mac Jones a chance to prove he can lead the team. However, Jason LaCanfora from CBS Sports believes that Newton may return to New England at some point.

“I also don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Cam Newton is back there in some capacity at some point and time. Based on what Belichick’s seeing out of the team, based on what he’s seeing out of the quarterback. Obviously based on any potential injury situations. I think Bill Belichick still thinks very highly of Cam Newton and there’s a lot of things about Cam Newton that he likes, but they’re going to run their offense in a different way, with a quarterback with some different skill sets at this stage.”

Cam Newton may not re-sign with the Patriots

This will be a rather unexpected turn for the Patriots. They had a few good reasons to cut the 2015 NFL MVP. Head coach Bill Belichick had to trim his roster. Newton missed practice time due to a huge misunderstanding regarding COVID-19 testing and NFL protocols. Belichick watched his quarterbacks play and he made the right move. He had to make a decision and this was probably the best option for the team.

Newton has yet to find his home in the NFL. He is a respected veteran and pretty much every NFL team could use his leadership in the locker room. There’s one catch though. NFL teams made final decisions on their No.1 quarterbacks. If Newton signs with a team at this point, he would have to play backup. The former MVP is too popular to be someone’s backup and it will be really awkward to see him as Jones’ backup in New England. Things may unexpected turn overnight. Newton is a valuable player and he deserves a good spot in the league. Will he ever come to New England again?