Carmelo Anthony Delivers Strong Message to Lakers on ‘Must-Have’

Carmelo Anthony had an interview with Chris Hayness, and used the opportunity to deliver a special message for his Los Angeles Lakers teammates. LA brought Melo in for a season and he is more than excited to join a championship winning team. The Lakers are favorites to win this championship and Melo is looking forward to getting his first ring.

Big Melo has yet to win a championship which is the main reason for his arrival in LA. According to the veteran, winning a ring is a must at the moment. No, Melo won’t retire without getting his bling.

“I’m going to tell you what, if I didn’t go to the Lakers, then it wasn’t something that was heavy on me,” he said. “Because I’m like nah, regardless of what happens, I’ve done a lot, to say that I’m 19 years into the NBA, scoring titles, All-NBA teams, All-Star games, you name it. The only thing I didn’t have or I don’t have is a championship in the NBA. I’ve won on every level that I’ve played on, so I had to really come to grips and be at peace with, like, if I walk away from the game without it, I’m cool, like I’m cool regardless.”

Carmelo Anthony delivers a message and a warning for Lakers doubters

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel hasn’t made a decision on Melo’s role with the team. The NBA star had to embrace a minor role with the Portland Trail Blazers and he will probably get the same role with the Lakers. The Blazers got the best of his shooting and Lakers fans hope to see the same performance in Los Angeles.

Vogel has a big challenge for his players. Rob Pelinka signed several veterans. These guys will have to join forces and make things work. They have great talent and skills. That’s pretty much everything you need to win a championship.

“If I’d have went back to New York, cool, alright we’re going to try to play for a championship,” Melo said. “Are we championship-ready, yet? No, maybe not. So that’s something that I was at peace with. Now that I’m with the Lakers, it’s a must-have, there’s no questions about it. We gotta get it. We gotta go get it, by any means, we have to go get it. So, that’s my mindset. If it wasn’t the Lakers, then cool, I’d have been at peace walking away from the game, tipping my hat, and smiling, being happy. I wouldn’t have been sad. Everybody else probably would’ve been throwing shots at me, but that ain’t nothing to me. But now, I know the situation that I’m in, what’s at stake. It’s go time now. I gotta think about it. I gotta think about it every second of every day.”