Carmelo Anthony Former Coach Takes Shot at His New Lakers Team

The Los Angeles Lakers signed several veterans in the offseason, building the oldest roster in the NBA for the 2021-22 season. Most of these players came to LA to win their first ring. These guys have an army of enemies and some experts wouldn’t really bet on them. Carmelo Anthony is one of these players and his beef with his former coach will probably motivate him to do better in the upcoming season.

Melo’s former coach, George Karl, doesn’t really believe that the veteran would do anything great with his new team.

Karl was coaching the Denver Nuggets back in the days and he doesn’t have great memories with the veteran. He wasn’t too excited about Melo signing with the Lakers too. Karl used the opportunity to trash his former player once again. Well, he rarely misses a chance to criticize Melo.

Carmelo Anthony will teach his former coach a lesson

Melo has yet to respond to this criticism. He is busy with his new team now and he has decided not to pay too much attention to Karl’s hate. Guess what… His former head coach took another shot at the veteran. This time he called out his entire team.

The veteran is more than happy to share the court with LeBron James. They entered the NBA at the same time but this will be their first season together. LeBron did his best to bring Melo to LA, but the Lakers didn’t want to sign him in the last few years.

The deal was sealed this offseason and Melo is a Laker now.

Karl shared a post with the 2021-22 Lakers team, and wrote, “This team is headed straight to the 2012-13 NBA championship.” He even added a smiling emoji.

Melo will be the last to joke because he will be working with an exceptional team. The Lakers are building superteam and they won’t stop here. Rob Pelinka will add a few more players to boost the squad. NBA experts have made a few guesses. Who is the next player to join LA? We have a few suggestions. Veterans have to stay healthy to make the NBA Finals as planned.