DeAndre Jordan Opens Up on Joining LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Lakers

DeAndre Jordan was given the best opportunity in his life because yes, playing with the Los Angeles Lakers is like a dream come true for pretty much any player in the NBA.

The Lakers signed a bunch of veterans in the offseason. These guys agreed to take the veteran minimum and most of them have yet to win a ring. Jordan is joining a strong roster. He will play with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and many other talented players. How does he feel about this?

It’s time to win!

In his press conference, Jordan talked about his new challenge and the change he was given.

“I’m extremely excited,” he said when asked about playing with the Lakers. “I think that my role for any team I’m on pretty much stays the same. I’m coming in to defend the basketball, try to change shots and alter shots at the rim, rebound the basketball, get my teammates open as best as possible, keep possessions alive for us, be a great force on both ends of the basketball floor, and be a great locker room guy. That’s pretty much been my niche and my thing that I bring to every team that I’m on. I’m excited to get here and get to work with these guys.

“Being able to have multiple lob threats now again with this team is gonna be great, especially with the play-makers that we have and the unselfish guys that we have on this team, it’s gonna be great… To be able to space the floor a little bit with guys playing in the dunker and having multiple playmakers and shooters spaced. I think at times we’re gonna play big, I think at times we’re going to play small. Obviously, whatever the game is needing at that moment in time — we’re going to be able to adjust to that because we’re so versatile.”

DeAndre Jordan to build great chemistry with his Lakers teammates

Jordan is more than excited to join a defense that gives opponents a big headache. LeBron and Westbrook will make things a lot difficult for players on opposing teams. Jordan spent ten seasons with the Clippers and now he has a chance to win games with their city rivals. Quite a challenge, right?

The newly-signed center will play on a team that’s “chasing a championship.” He will play with great players and he really respects these great players. Jordan is leaving the Brooklyn Nets after two years. This was a good decision for him, and he is focused on his new team.

Jordan is thrilled about him teaming up with Dwight Howard. They will get a chance to beat other teams and this makes everything even more excited. He praised Westbrook’s aggressiveness and Davis’ skill set.