ESPN Makes Bold Prediction For Dolphins Patriots Week 1 Game

The New England Patriots will meet their first opponent Sunday afternoon. It’s a big game for everyone, including rookie quarterback Mac Jones. He will have his debut with the Patriots. The first-rounder has to make a good first impression. All eyes will be on Belichick’s quarterback option. This game will be making headlines for a really long time. ESPN has a bold prediction about the Patriots vs Dolphins game.

The Worldwide Leader believes Miami’s top 2021 pick will have a good day against the Patriots.

“The Dolphins’ defense led the league in turnovers forced last season and will rudely welcome Jones to the NFL this year, holding him under 220 passing yards with a pair of interceptions,” Marcel Louis-Jacques wrote. “On the other side of the ball, rookie receiver Jaylen Waddle will record 75 total yards and his first career touchdown.”

This is a rather bold prediction. The Patriots revamped their defense and their offense looks really strong too. Belichick trusts his defensive line and players on the D-line promised to make things easier for the rookie. Coach B won a lot of games with the help of his defense and we believe he will follow the same plan in 2021.

Another strong prediction for the Patriots vs Dolphins

Jones must be excited to meet his Alabama fellow. Tua Tagovailoa has a few tricks up his sleeve and he will do his best to beat the Patriots. Of course, things won’t go that easy for him because Jones had an exceptional preseason with the Patriots. Let’s see how will the rookie handle his first game. Belichick trusted him enough to give him the starting job. Joes beat Cam Newton in the quarterback competition.

Most NFL analysts would go with the Patriots tonight. The revamped Patriots roster looks stronger than the group Belichick had in 2021.

Mike Reiss from ESPN predicted that the Patriots would come on top tonight. We have a few awesome reasons to trust his prediction. New England had a mind-blowing game in the preseason. We need to see more of it in 2021.