Former Lakers Teammate Reveals Why LeBron James Is A ‘Little Kid’

Kyle Kuzma said LeBron James is like a little kid. Yes, you read it right. Before you jump into a conclusion, let’s make it clear. This wasn’t an insult.

Kuzma and LBJ spent three seasons together in LA. The first one was a failure, but they won the championship in the following year. We all know what happened in 2020-21. The Lakers are coming off of a frustrating season, and Kuzma ended up on the trade block. The former Laker has already talked about his experience in LA.

“Man, he’s like a little a** kid,” Kuzma said of LeBron on the Sept. 7 episode of No Chill With Gilbert Arenas. “He’s a little kid, man. He is a grown man, and he’s like this alpha, and he’s like this super serious person, but he’s like an 18-year-old, too, at the same time. And I just feel like that’s the best part about him because you understand everyone is human.”

Kyle Kuzma says LeBron James is a little kid for a reason

Kuzma doesn’t hold any grudges. He was traded to the Washington Wizards, but he still respects the storied franchise.

“He jokes around a lot; he’s always laughing, dancing, just doing funny s—,” Kuzma added. “I think that’s the cool part for sure.”

LeBron is the greatest basketball player of all time. He is incredibly competitive and his stats are really impressive. He’s been around for two decades and his game is elite. NBA experts are impressed by his basketball intelligence. The GOAT has photographic memory and this helps him predict pretty much every move his opponents make on the floor.

He is a funny guy though. LeBron tries to get the best of his game and he enjoys being around his teammates. The fun-loving giant may be the goofiest player you will ever meet. That’s what Gilbert Arenas once said.

“[I say], ‘Yo, he’s the goofiest person alive; he’s the goofiest person alive,’” he noted. “I said, ‘The personality you see right now, the Taco Tuesdays and all — that’s his personality; that’s his real personality.’ The stuff that you see on TV, that’s who he had to create for the world. ‘If I let you see who I really am, you’re gonna judge me for it.’”