James Worthy Gets Critical of Anthony Davis Move He’s Avoided For Years

LA Legend James Worthy has had some critical things to say about Anthony Davis and it looks like he is not stopping any time soon. The Los Angeles Lakers are getting ready to start yet another season. Last season ended in a bit of disappointment as they left the playoffs earlier than most expected. However, with the changes in the off season, including picking up Russell Westbrook, they should be ready to get it going.

But one man is not impressed. James Worthy has been critical of Anthony Davis many times. And he is going to keep it going, apparently.

One move that looks to be taking place is AD moving to the center position. Having him at the 5 spot means that LeBron can then take the 4. This would help with ball movement and always having the ball go through one of them.

Lakers legend James Worthy talked a bit about this decision and said that it was the “best option” for the team to make it far in the playoffs. He also made it clear that the players should not be the ones that make the personel decisions for the team.

Here are his latest words on the LA big man.

“I’ve never been one of those players to say ‘I don’t wanna play three, I wanna play four. I wanna play.’ I don’t know what the problem is, maybe who he defends or where he is on the floor. I think the five is a good spot for him. Because other fives don’t have a shot at guarding him.

James Worthy Gets Critical of Anthony Davis Move He’s Avoided For Years

“You want to make opponents make adjustments. Him at the five shooting three is going to pull Gobert out and they’re going to have to put somebody small on him and he can take advantage of that. I think he needs to look at what position best suits the team and what position best suits how they wanna play before he just says ‘Ahh, one or the other.’”

What do you think about the former Lakers legend had to say?