JaVale McGee Makes Honest Admission About LeBron James

JaVale McGee has come out with an honest admission about his teammate LeBron James and it is an interesting read. The Los Angeles are getting ready to start the new season here in about 6 weeks. Fans are excited to see what the new roster looks like and how it will work together. Some people are wondering how the new roster will work with the addition of Russell Westbrook. Will it work at all?

But now, a new kind of story has come out and it surrounds something that JaVale McGee said about LeBron James recently. The two famously formed a bit of a friendship and it looks like this will continue for years to come. LeBron is nearing the end of his career and some are wondering if he has what it takes to win another title.

JaVale McGee Makes Honest Admission About LeBron James

Take a look at what McGee said recently.

“I used to hear things like Bill Russell was a player-coach one year, and I was like ‘how are you a player-coach? How is that a thing?’ But after going to the Lakers, I understand how a player could be a player-coach. Because not only playing the game, when LeBron plays the games. He’s thinking the game too and he’s low-key thinking for two other players also.”

“Like ‘oh you need to be there, and you need to be there. We need to do this if we’re gonna win this series, we need to change this.’ And he’s a major part of that. So I definitely think he’s more of a player-coach than just a player when it comes to just the cerebral part of the game.”

McGee had the opportunity to play with James for two seasons. So he is well aware of how the future Hall of Famer goes about his day and how he is on the floor. He got to have quite a few electric plays together.

Teammates have gone on and on about how LeBron is as a teammate. It is clear that they enjoy playing with him as a teammate and as a brother. This only goes to show how competitive he is.