LeBron James Drops Bars Like Drake in Leaked IG Story

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and Drake have something great in common. The four-time NBA champion is coming off of a frustrating season. The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated in the first round of the postseason and the king got a little extra time to hang out with his buddies. As you may be guessing, LeBron is getting the best of his free time.

All the great things happen in Italy!

LBJ and Diddy traveled to beautiful country to have some fun. Watch this video to get it all!

Imagine the kid from Akron dropping bars like a pro. Oh, he can do that and much more.

At one point of their little party, LeBron had a mini concert for his buddies. He blasted Drake’s Having Our Way and we love it!

LeBron James to follow Drake and built career in music industry

What can I say… The king can do it all! His talent goes beyond the basketball court. His off-court business flourished and yes, he has amazing musical talent.

Music motivates players, and LeBron has a few tunes he really likes. These pieces inspire him to do something amazing on and off the court. Need extra motivation? If you are LeBron, you’d probably blast Nipsey Hussle’s “Summertime in That Cutlass.”

LeBron also likes “Ambitionz az a Ridah” from Tupac Shakur. Jay-Z brought joy with his “Politics as Usual” and Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe” is also on this list.

The Laker is also a huge fan of “Statute of Limitations” from 2 Chainz and “One Man Can Change the World” from Big Sean, Kanye, and John Legend. Enter Drake again. LeBron loves his “Light Up.” Rick Ross? It’s “Tears of Joy.” Amazing! Wiz Khalifa (We Dem Boyz) and “A$AP Rocky (Goldie) have great pieces for LeBron, too.

LA is entering another long season and LeBron will need an extra motivation to do his thing on the floor. He will probably pop a few of his favorite songs. Oh wait. He is the king of basketball. He doesn’t need motivation. Skip Bayless will stir the pot with his comments again, and his criticism for LeBron will come back biting him in the… back.