LeBron James’ New Lakers coach Reveals Savage Revenge For Monster 2012 Dunk

LeBron James will always remember 2012. It was one of his best seasons. Truth is, his new coach will remember it, too.

The Los Angeles Lakers confirmed the hiring of John Lucas III. He will serve as an assistant coach to head coach Frank Vogel and his staff. This made people talk, mostly because he knows some of the guys on the current roster. Here’s more… Lucas knows LeBron James really well. LeBron flew over him to do his monster dunk in 2012. Lucas will never forget that night. Well, this was the first thing that popped in everyone’s mind right after the Lakers announced his hiring. Lucas will be coaching the superstar who dunked over him. Imagine that!

LeBron to repeat 2012

What did Lucas say when asked about this dunk?

“Man it just hit me that I will be coaching LeBron James, the very man who jumped over me in a game,” he said. “He going to have to do extra laps in practice for this.”

Lakers fans had a really good laugh with this one.

Lucas III spent eight years as a player in the NBA. He made several stops around the NBA but had the best game with the Chicago Bulls. It was in 2011-12. Lucas was averaging 7.5 points per game coming off the bench.

The new Lakers assistant coach had a hot encounter in one match against LeBron’s team. The Miami heat had quite a night. It was a game on Jan. 28, 2012. LeBron went up the ladder and hit a big dunk on Lucas’ head. Amazing, right? Well, this dunk will haunt Lucas for the rest of his life.

Hiring Lucas was a big move for the Lakers. He is a skilled coach and the Lakers will use his experience in so many different aspects. He will help with player development and his leadership skills will definitely guide the locker room. One thing stands for sure, the Lakers will be working with an excellent coach. Let’s see how will the Lakers handle the pressure in the upcoming season.