LeBron James Role In Kevin Love Potential Cavs Exit Revealed

LeBron James and Kevin Love spent a lot of time together. They know each other really well and this chemistry helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win a lot of games. Playing alongside LeBron is a big deal, and everyone knows this. Former Cavaliers assistant coach James Posey emphasized LeBron’s role in Love’s career. According to him, LeBron helped his teammate develop strong leadership skills.

“He knows what it takes to win, and also just now with him being the older statesman on the team, just showing his leadership value,” Posey said on a recent episode of SiriusXM NBA Radio. “I just think for an opportunity for him to win another championship, I think teams should look into getting Kevin Love. For him, I think he would be a totally different player just by understanding those things as far as what he brings to the team. Just like I said, learning earlier from LeBron James and his leadership, and also showing his growth and maturity. So physically and mentally, if he’s able, and he’s all right with that, he should be a great player for any team.”

According to Posey, Love has so much to offer at the moment. The veteran can easily take a big role on any team. This leads us all the way to Love’s role in Cleveland. Several sources have reported that the Cavaliers are trying to move Love and rebuild their roster.

LeBron James is still friends with Kevin Love

If the Cavaliers decide to put Love on the trade block, he will sure get the attention of several NBA teams. He is a great player and his veteran experience will be of great help for his next team.

Will the Los Angeles Lakers even try to get Love? They packed the roster with veterans and there’s almost no room for Love. Of course, things may change in the next few seasons. Let’s see what happens next in the NBA. We can only make guesses at this point. Love will make the best decision for his NBA career. Leave Cleveland? Why not?