Mac Jones Addresses If He’s Thought About Replacing Tom Brady

Tom Brady left the New England Patriots in the spring of 2020. He joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and led the team to the Super Bowl. What happened next? He got his ring. The Patriots finished the 2020 season with a 7-9 record. Cam Newton was leading the team and they brought him once again. Newton is out again, and Mac Jones will be the one replacing Brady.

It’s hard to even imagine this. Jones was Bill Belichick’s 15th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Patriots selected him in the first round and he challenged Newton for the starting position. The 22-year-old got the job right after the third game of the preseason.

Fans, coaches, and analysts have compared Jones to TB12. How does he feel about this comparison?

“I think, obviously, he’s a great player,” Jones said of the former Patriots quarterback during a press conference on Wednesday. “The word ‘standard’ kind of hit me there because we all want to play to that standard, The Patriot Way, and really it comes down to just doing your job. As a quarterback, that’s leading the people around me as best as I can and that’s also executing the plays. So, hand it off or throw it, that’s pretty much how it comes down to.

“[Brady] definitely did a good job. When I first got here just watching tape, I watched all the quarterbacks. So obviously he was on there and he did a really, really good job. Hopefully I can do a good job too.”

Mac Jones doesn’t mind replacing Tom Brady

Jones is facing a big challenge now. Brady won six rings with the Patriots and made nine Super Bowl appearances. Maybe Belichick saw something special in Jones. He wanted to give him a chance, and yes, his rookie did a much better job than other quarterbacks in the class.

Patriots players really like Jones and even Newton admired his potential. The 2015 NFL MVP is well aware of the fact that the Patriots selected Jones for a reason.