Mac Jones’ Former Coach Reveals ‘Secret Sauce’ About Patriots QB’s Development

Mac Jones’ former coach has revealed some “Secret Sauce” About the Patriot’s QB development and it is pretty interesting stuff. As the Patriots get ready for yet another season, there are some things that are coming out about the way they do things.

Mac Jones recently came out with some interesting thoughts on himself. Take a look at what he had to say about his past and future.

“I wasn’t necessarily that way when I was really young. I can honestly say that,” Jones told reporters during his weekly news conference. “Sometimes it was more about me than other people, and that’s not how it should be.”

Eric Yost, Jones’ former coach confirmed this with some interesting things to say about the young quarter back.

“But I’m going to give you a little secret sauce about Mac,” Yost said. “Ask him to talk about wearing the white socks.”

Mac Jones’ Former Coach Reveals ‘Secret Sauce’ About Patriots QB’s Development

“We always had the rule that nobody is bigger than the program,” Yost told Buckley, referring to a tradition in which all the kids on Jones’ Pop Warner teams wore white socks. “And Mac, at age seven, was a kid who fought it. He was saying he wanted to wear wrist bands on his socks, I want to wear multicolor, I want to stand out, and all that. And we said, no, white socks only or you’re not going to play.

“And he wasn’t the only one. Others tried as well. It wasn’t an issue. It was just kids learning, kids testing you.”

Jones is only just starting his NFL career. But it is very interesting to see how it started compared to how it is going now.

“It’s so funny, I listen to him now that he’s with the Patriots,” Yost continued. “His voice and his tempo have changed since he was with Alabama last year. He’s a lot more reserved, which is fine. He’s in the NFL now.”

Jones was the 15th overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Fans are excited to see what he can do on the field. But it is also important to remember that he is only a rookie.