Mac Jones Girlfriend Reportedly Played Key Role In QB Landing Patriots Starting Job

Getting enough support means a lot, and Mac Jones is definitely getting his from his girlfriend. The New England Patriots quarterback earned the starting job with the team. He beat Cam Newton in the quarterback battle and head coach Bill Belichick gave him the keys to the offense.

Jones was really amazing in the offseason and he even saw action in all three preseason games. The Patriots won each game and Jones was a true star. Guess who was his biggest support in the process? His girlfriend!

The rookie talked about Sophie Scott’s help in a recent appearance on WEEI’s Merloni and Fauria.

“A lot of times I’m very visual, so that definitely helps,” said the Patriots rookie. “I’ve always been a very visual learner, and that helps to see it, whether that’s drawing it or walking through it or doing it.”

Mac Jones will need the support from his girlfriend in the regular season

The Patriots QB then said he’s recruited [girlfriend Sophie] Scott to help test him on everything he’s learned as part of that prep work.

“Yeah, she actually does,” Jones said. “She does a good job. Most of the time she just walks through [plays] in the yard. Yeah, she helps me a lot. Yeah, we do walkthroughs,” Jones confirmed upon follow-up questioning. “I just kind of do them with her and throw into a net.”

Jones and his girlfriend spend a lot of time learning plays and she helps him understand them better. Doing walkthroughs with your GF seems strange, but Jones is really impressed by the help he has received from Sophie. These will be super busy in the upcoming period. The Patriots gave Jones a big task and he will need every bit of help on and off the field.

The Patriots will enter the new season with a game against the Miami Dolphins. It’s an important match and Jones will have to try extra hard to win it. He won games in the preseason. He shouldn’t struggle too much to win that one, too. What about the game against TB12? That would be the most shocking game in league history.