Mac Jones Girlfriend Shares Exciting Reaction to Rookie QB Getting Starting Job

Mac Jones and his girlfriend, Sophie Scott, has a few good reasons to throw in a party these days. The rookie signal-caller got the top job with the New England Patriots after winning the quarterback competition. Cam Newton was cut a few days ago and the Patriots made it official. Jones is their starting quarterback in 2021.

Well, you don’t get to see a rookie earn the starting job every day, right? Scott is really proud of her boyfriend. She was his greatest support throughout the process and guess what… She is not really surprised by this outcome.

Mac Jones gets a lot of support from his girlfriend

Jones is a talented player and he is deserving of this job. Belichick took notice of his great potential during his Pro Day. Jones was a great prospect and he did much better than his fellow quarterbacks in the class. Although he wasn’t the first option for NFL teams, Belichick knew that his pick would be awesome on the field.

That’s exactly what happened. The Patriots used their 15th pick on Jones and Belichick gave him a job in training camp. Patriots coaches were watching him roll and Jones saw action in all three preseason games. The Patriots won each and every game and Jones had a big role.

Belichick made a decision and it was a good one. Newton is out and we don’t even know if he will find a job in the near future. Most NFL teams have their quarterback issue solved. Sadly, Newton is not getting any offers as a backup.

Jones doesn’t pay much attention to outside noise. He is busy right now. I mean, the rookie has so much to learn. He has to prepare mentally and physically for the new season. Belichick trusts him and he will have to beat the former Patriots quarterback. He will have to beat the greatest football player of all time. Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers will come to New England in Week 4. This is the most important game for the Patriots rookie at the moment.