Patriots QB Mac Jones Getting Insane Comparisons on Social Media

Mac Jones has an opportunity to do something great with his NFL career and these comparisons say it all. The rookie won the quarterback competition in New England and he will be starting games with the Patriots in the 2021 NFL season.

People went crazy following Cam Newton’s departure, and their comparisons are even crazier. Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Drew Brees… Evan Lazar from CLNS shared some of the comments people made. These comparisons are just the beginning.

“He reminds me of [Joe] Montana. Same height and same throwing style with accuracy.”

 “Yeah I was saying Mac like a cross between Montana and [Tom] Brady.”

“I feel like I see Peyton Manning’s throwing motion.”

“That’s what I have said, Joe Montana and Drew Brees.”

The Patriots decided to trust Jones and give him the keys to the offense. Head coach Bill Belichick once said that players have to beat Newton for the starting position in New England. I guess Jones just did that.

Mac Jones to draw even more comparisons

The team selected Jones 15th overall in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. It was a clean choice for the team and Belichick made one of the best decisions in the draft.

Jones challenged Newton for the top position at the very first moment he hit the field with the Patriots. Everyone noticed his sharp skills and yes, Jones really looks like the franchise quarterback. The Patriots have probably found their quarterback of the future.

The comparison to Tom Brady made everything even better. TB12 has an impressive career. He has been around for two decades and yes, he won a Super Bowl at 42. That’s not all. He also won a title with a completely different team. Will Jones do the same? Will he be as successful as Brady?

We will have to wait until the regular season. Jones was brilliant in training camp and Belichick let him play in all three exhibition games. He is everything the Patriots needed to start the new season with success. A talented 22-year-old can be a game-changer for pretty much every NFL team. The Patriots got their wonder.