Phil Jackson Reveals The Only Way LeBron James Can Surpass Michael Jordan

The GOAT debate won’t end here. It revolves around LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Some NBA fans would say that Brooklyn Nets veteran Kevin Durant deserves a spot in the discussion following his great performance in the last postseason.

Well, LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. He has 17 All-NBA Team selections. That is not all. The four-time NBA champion is the only superstar to win a championship with three different franchises and earn the Finals MVP award.

These numbers gave LeBron the chance to compete in the GOAT battle. He is third on the all-time scoring list and has a really good chance to hit even better stats next season. Father time has nothing on the Laker as he plays elite basketball at this age.

LeBron James has a chance to surpass Michael Jordan

The Lakers have built the roster around LeBron and this time they brought an excellent group of veterans in LA. This will give LeBron a chance to win his next ring. This particular ring will help him surpass the Bulls legend. That’s what Phil Jackson said.

Jackson dropped his comments during his 2013 appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.

“I think a lot of people think he’s right there,” Jackson said. “I think better is only about championships. That’s the only measurement that’s left for LeBron that will say that he’s a better ballplayer than Michael or that people can argue it. It’s the number of championships that you win, and that’s proof in the pudding right there.

“He’s game is incredible. I think it’s incredible that he can play without fouling a lot of the time. He can play defense on almost everybody that is on the floor. He’s an unselfish ballplayer. He doesn’t lust to score as Kobe or Michael did, but when the need is there he definitely finds a way to score. His game has continued to improve the last four or five years, and we don’t see what the limitations are going to be.”

The Lakers are hungry for a win and this adds even more fuel to the fire. They are champions!