Photo: Shirtless LeBron James Spotted Doing Early Workout on Yacht Vacation

Shirtless LeBron James surprised fans and doubters with another workout photo. The king of basketball is enjoying his time in Italy, but he has plenty of time to follow his daily routine. Early morning workout? Why not! The king can do it all.

The four-time NBA champion was seen working out on a yacht in Capri. I guess everyone else was sleeping that morning. Open-air workouts are the best. LeBron sure enjoyed working out in the middle of the sea.

The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated in the first round of the NBA Finals. LeBron didn’t come to LA to lose games. His team dropped to No.7 in the Western Conference and LeBron didn’t like any of this. Of course, he missed a lot of time in the regular season due to the injury he suffered in March. His teammates struggled to stay afloat and the Lakers ended up challenging the Golden State Warriors in the play-in tournament. LA won the game but failed to defeat the Phoenix Suns.

Shirtless LeBron James wins games with his workout regimen

LeBron is entering his fourth season with the Lakers. The king sustained serious injuries in his first and third seasons with the team. LA looks a lot better now and LeBron likes his new teammates.

General Manager Rob Pelinka signed several talented players. LeBron will get to play with Carmelo Anthony for the first time in his career. They entered the NBA at the same time and now they will join forces to win a ring.

The Lakers also brought Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo back. The veterans had a key role in the playoffs inside the NBA bubble and LA wanted them back in the fold again.

It’s too soon to make any predictions regarding the new season. LeBron is busy dropping bars with Drake and talking to megastars like Elton John. He is recharging his batteries and we can’t wait to see him on the floor next season. Don’t even mess with the king. He is pretty serious about the game and this season will be different than any other season in his career.