Report: Lakers Are Shockingly Paying Retired All-Star Same As Carmelo, Dwight Howard Combined

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a rather tricky situation at the moment. They are wasting a lot of money on someone who doesn’t even play with the team. Believe it or not, this player earns more money than both Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony combined.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Luol Deng.

Deng is the sixth highest paid player and guess what… He hasn’t played a game in four years.  In 2016, the retired player inked a four-year deal worth $72 million.

The Lakers will waste $5 million to Deng this year. The front office made a few moves to stretch his deal in 2019 and now he is getting money with zero effort.

Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard are earning less than Deng

It’s interesting to note that the Los Angeles Lakers signed a lot of player to a veteran minimum. Deng will earn more money than most of the newly-signed veterans in LA. Melo and Howard are getting $5 million. Not fair, right?

Deng was supposed to have a great career with the Chicago Bulls, but he didn’t have a mind-blowing performance. Many would agree that he deserved more attention.

The Lakers sign signed Deng, but he was already dealing with issues. He was 31 and LA didn’t get any of his talents. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel didn’t give him any time on the floor. The Lakers didn’t even test his skills.

What is next on the floor?

The retiree is under contract and he has a no-trade clause. The Lakers can’t waive him. Maybe the Lakers will have him around to use his veteran presence in the locker room. He would be an excellent mentor for young Lakers players.

Deng is now the President of South Sudan’s basketball federation. He is also coaching Sudan’s national team.

Earlier in the offseason, several reporters confirmed that many NBA veterans are willing to take the veteran minimum with the Lakers. These guys are going after their first ring, and yes, Melo is one of them. The same goes to Russell Westbrook. He is getting more cash though.