Report: Lakers To Push Potential Comeback of Longtime NBA Starter

The Los Angeles Lakers may be ready for the comeback of a talented starter. The franchise has been linked to several retired players, and Monta Ellis may be the biggest catch. Of course, this may also be just another rumor. But, what if it is not a rumor?

Ellis’ business manager Derrius Nelson talked about this opportunity in a recent interview with Alder Almo from Empire Sports Media. In this interview, Nelson said that the Lakers may have Ellis in for a workout.

“I told coach Roberts that Tae is not big on being a star anymore,” Nelson told Empire Sports Media. “He’s been there already. His [possible] addition can make them one of the best LA Lakers teams to go down in history. With Tae being there, it would be crazy!

“’Derrius, that’s why I’m calling because I know what type of player Monta is. I was a huge fan of him; his [past] works and the time he put in the NBA override a lot of guys that’s been coming to work out because he is reliable,’ Roberts was quoted as saying to Nelson.”

The Lakers could use the comeback of the former starter

Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka wouldn’t mind having another veteran on the roster. He has already built a strong roster packed with veterans. Here’s the catch. Ellis hasn’t played since his 2016-17 season with the Pacers. Of course his stats could be of great help in the upcoming season.

Ellis would love to join a strong team. Playing in LA would be like a dream come true. In August, he had an interview with Empire Sports Media. If you ask the former guard, he will say that he can easily have another five years on the NBA floor. In this interview, Ellis talked about the reasons he had to give up on his career. Health and injuries were never a problem. His performance is still at a high level.

“That would be a role that I am willing to accept,” Ellis said of his role off the bench. “I could do a lot within that role to help a playoff team. I still got a lot of gas in my tank. My body is healthy. My mind is focused. I could definitely help a playoff team with the skills and the knowledge of the game I have right now.”